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ORIGEEN opens up all new capabilities and benefits in the field of IPR Management

live-up to the challenges of accelerated Digital Transformation and increasing volumes of data assets

ORIGEEN: Dienstleistungen

Data Provenance

ORIGEEN allows you to trace back data and/or products to its origin by securely linking the physical to the virtual world. In addition, any changes, modifications and copies to an original data set can be detected.


Secure ownerships of NFTs

Prior to the genesis commit of an NFT opus, the chain of provenance is not secured and has led to quite a few scams. ORIGEEN brings missing upstream technology to make NFT assets secure - from end to end.

Patented Methods

ORIGEEN brings innovative and unique methods into the field of generation, copy, manipulation and counterfeit detection & protection, in order to secure provenance of products, IP and data in general.

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