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the Value-Add of Data Provenance

Data Provenance provides Know-How and Capapabilities to verify and validate your Data Generation, Data Manipulation and Transactional Events.

Acting like an "Audit Layer", Xonetix' SW Applications can be easily integrated into existing IT Environments, can seamlessly interoperate with Business SW currently in use and can act as "invisible" backbone system or provide user-friendly  functions and business logic to compensate for system & process interrupts.

As a result, Data Provenance and all its benefits can be obtained evolutionary as part of your Digital Transformation Journey and does not compete with your other investments.

You may want to investigate the Value-Add of Data Provenance in anyone of the following business areas:

Data Provenance Use Cases: Dienstleistungen

Trusted Releases

...when a verifiable data chain of production events can provide you process efficiency, transparency and trustworthiness


Risk Management (ESG, GRI)

...when real-time visibility of immutable event data, generated with each process repetition can improve your governance and reduce your risks

IPR Protection of Digital Assets

...when each and every transaction and manipulation of data can be proactively managed or avoided


Batch Traceability (eBR)

...when compliance-relevant manufacturing data provenance can become available real-time at a fingertip


Supply Chain Auditing

...when product lifecycle information can be made transparent across all logistic processes and partners


Claim Management

...when incident registration and long-term, dynamic claim management can be based on trusted and accurate data

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