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some of our Lighthouse Projects

References: Kunden

Developed and implemented an all new system architecture and SW platform for quality inspection and Track & Trace solutions for Pharmaceutical and Nutritional Food customers around the world.


Designed, developed and deployed software and firmware for the Digid rapid Covid-19 antigen sensor to meet medical device regulatory requirements.


Engineered Daysy's backend services to provide customers with seamless availability and ensure their health data privacy and security.


World Leader in Monetary Security

Developed an innovative web-based solution for secure custody transfer of cargo, including an IoT platform integration to handle millions of sensor data points originating from hundreds of thousands of fuel trucks. Real-time live route plots & data  insights.



Advising NGO and Health Ministry on implementation strategies for auditing project effectiveness in the provision of healthcare services and supply of Covid equipment.

Control Serialised Label.jpg

Piloting TRAC in a challenging GMP/GLP environment of contract repacking services for serialized Pharmaceutical, Diagnostics and Medical Device products.


Working on a joint solution to enhance Metacarp's ERP SW offering with Blockchain-based eBR (electronic Batch Record) functionality.


Market Leader for
Fair Sports

Developed an end-to-end product journey for their sports anti-doping kits. Identified areas and approaches towards digital transformation. Proposed an innovative solution for product provenance, chain of custody and a new level of tamper detection.

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