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GCGplus helps Risk Management in Banking Business advance into better Compliance & Governance

optimize your Core Processes and increase Trust in your Controls

GCGplus: Dienstleistungen

Trustworthy KYC processes

GCGplus helps securing data accuracy and completeness during onboarding processes, in particular for "non-standard cases".

Extra compliance checks can be avoided and the process traceability is documented in an immutable form.


Strengthen the 3 Lines of Defense

Thorough and consistent process controls -- real-time, every-time with GCGplus.

Fast and coherent Risk Controlling & Risk Management, as well as a simplified Auditing based on verified, immutable Audit Trail data.

Good Corporate Governance

Sustainable Management decisions, consistent strategy execution and supervision at all levels thanks to higher data quality, consistency, transparency and trustworthiness provided by GCGplus.

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