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meet the Partners

we believe that business is made by people and great business is made by teams

XONETIX' Partner Team is embedded in a rich network of shapers and creators of business and technology.

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Christoph Staub

Partner with focus on Business Development

Christoph brings more than 2 decades of international C-level and corporate management leadership experience in the healthcare industry to the Partner Team. His extensive business acumen and global network helps XONETIX to live-up to the expectations of its partners and customers.

Philipp Keller

Partner with focus on Technology Innovation & Vision

Philipp has 25+ years of Software Engineering experience in a range of roles bringing systems of all levels of complexity into different industries. He brings a strong focus on system architecting and innovation to the XONETIX team.

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Mark Talary

Partner with focus on Finance & Organization

Mark brings his extensive experience of research and development in both academic and medical devices industries to the Partner Team. His organizational expertise in working internationally helps fostering multi-disciplinary teams that meet XONETIX' business needs.

Balakumar Kaushik

Partner with focus on Execution & Support

Balakumar brings 20 years of experience in product and SW lifecycle management spanning several industries including healthcare and industrial automation. His vast R&D leadership skills combined with a strong technical background helps XONETIX to deliver efficiently on all customer requirements.

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